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Iberblue Wind

Iberian leadership in floating wind energy

The ancient Greeks pointed out the water and the air as the two fundamental elements that explained the world. IberBlue Wind combines both forces of nature with the most advanced technology to explore new forms of efficient energy generation that contributes to a blue future and sustainable development for the people and our planet.

IberBlue Wind is a joint venture specialized in the design, development and management of floating offshore wind farms that will operate in the Iberian market. Made up of the Irish company Simply Blue Group, a leader in the early-stage development of floating offshore wind, Spanish companies Proes Consultores, the engineering division of the Grupo Amper, and FF New Energy Venture (FF NEV), developer of renewable projects.

Image credit: Courtesy of Principle Power: Dock90
Image credit: Courtesy of Principle Power: Dock90

Our objective is to position Spain and Portugal as leaders in this field of renewables. This strategic partnership promotes, builds, and puts into operation floating wind turbines that maximize the greater intensity of the wind in deeper seas to generate clean and efficient electricity from this renewable source.

IberBlue Wind will make it possible to analyse and study opportunities for generation of multigigawatts of offshore wind power on the peninsula, through an operational model specialized in the promotion of wind farms with an average capacity of 1 GW and with the potential to supply electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes.

Our Commitment

The IberBlue Commitment

The value proposition of IberBlue Wind is based on a model innovative business, respectful with the environment and committed to the development of the local communities in which it is implanted.

Leaning on a spirit entrepreneur, the joint venture bets on offshore wind energy as one of the main levers to advance in the urgent energy transition that the planet demands.

Image credit: Courtesy of Principle Power: Dock90
Image credit: Courtesy of Principle Power: Dock90
Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity

The construction of each floating wind project developed by IberBlue Wind will involve a significant global investment and the creation of jobs, of which about 30% will be covered by local professionals.

The estimated construction period of the wind farms designed by IberBlue Wind is approximately eight years and will have a useful life of between 25 and 30 years.

Within the Iberian market, IberBlue Wind will focus its ambition in promoting floating wind energy and thus diversify the economic model of the region and maximize potential in this type of renewable energy.


Floating Offshore Wind

IberBlue Wind recognizes the potential for Spain and Portugal to become the world-leading market in floating offshore wind energy. The Iberian market has key factors such as outstanding wind resources, a long history in coastal engineering, and excellence in public works. The sum of all these factors can push the Iberian Peninsula to take the lead in the offshore wind sector.

Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge in Spain is working on legislation to facilitate the energy transition while promoting the proceedings to attract investors. The Ministry has also approved the roadmap for the development of offshore wind & sea energy, setting out the goal to reach between 1 to 3 GW of power by 2030.

Likewise, Portugal has set some energy objectives of 3 to 4GW for 2030 and hoping to expand to 8GW in 2040. A staggering figure that could represent more than half of the wind capacity already installed in the EU.

Additionally, Spain has around 8,000km2 of potential areas off its coast that can potentially be used to host floating wind farms. Therefore, IberBlue Wind hopes for Spain to be more ambitious and consider increasing the power to 25 GW, which could, in turn, provide electricity to 2.5million homes.

for 2030:
objectives for the following years:

(hundreds of thousands of homes)
Potential maritime area for floating offshore wind

Our Projects - coming soon

JV Partnership

Simply Blue Group

An early-stage developer of floating offshore wind.

Simply Blue Group is one of the leading early-stage blue economy developers. Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Simply Blue Group employs over 100 people with unique experience in offshore wind energy. Floating offshore wind power is now a dominant segment in Simply Blue Group’s portfolio, with an impressive pipeline of more than 10 GW in floating offshore wind projects around the world.

The company has also set its sights on the development of wave energy technology, low-impact aquaculture and has recently entered the e-fuel market.

Proes Consultores (Grupo Amper)

Coastal engineering for pioneering projects.

Proes is the consultancy division specializing in engineering and architecture of Grupo Amper, a technological conglomerate that offers engineering, industrial and technological services, with extensive international experience in the development, execution and construction of floating offshore wind farms, being responsible for the construction of 90% of those that are currently active.

With headquarters in Madrid and delegations in Bogotá (Colombia), Lima (Peru) and La Paz (Bolivia), Proes Consultores has extensive knowledge in coastal engineering, renewable energies and environmental impact and has participated in pioneering projects in the Northern Europe.

FF New Ventures

Reinforce their portfolio with floating wind power.

Leader in the development, construction and operation of solar photovoltaics plants, FF NEV has extensive experience in promoting renewable energies in Spain and Portugal and has incorporated floating offshore wind energy into its portfolio.

The company has focused on floating wind power to complement its commitment to solar power and promote the combination of both renewable energies. Its expertise in promoting renewable energies allows it to provide the consortium with a global vision while reinforcing the company’s contribution to the energy transition in Spain and Portugal.

The IberBlue Wind Team

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